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“How are things going at the Yamashiro cottage?”

“Every time I saw Rosanjin, he asked me ‘how are things going at the Yamashiro cottage?’ He was always caring about the cottage so much,wasn’t he?” Tatsuro Yoshino, the grandson of Jiro Yoshino,talks of a warm memory of Rosanjin Kitaoji, one of Japan’s greatest 20 th century artists. For Rosanjin, the Yamasiro cottage must have been the place filled with memories”.

Endai Hosono (1872-1961)

Endai Hosono was born to Hosono family, a merchant in Kanazawa, under the Name Shinzo.As a scholar of the Chinese classics and master of tea ceremony Hosono received attention as the man of culture with profound knowledge of calligraphy, paintings and antiques.  In 1915 Hosono introduced Rosanjin, then staying at his house as a guest, to local artists in Yamashiro. In 1928, at Rosanjin’s invitation, Hosono moved to kamakura and became an adviser of Hoshigaoka-saryo restaurant.

Jiro Yoshinoya(1861-1921)

Jiro Yoshino was a landlord of Yoshinoya ryokan inn and, going by his pen name of “Oh-su”, he was also familiar with such artistry as tea, calligraphy, paintings and antiques. Yoshino was also a caring person and he volunteered to provide Rosanjin with his cottage and took good care of him. Yoshino was popular among local people of Yamashiro as Hakuraku, a good judge of horse.

Seika Suda the first(1862-1927)

Saika suda the first was born to a merchant family in Kanazawa. Suda got into pottery in 1876 as a researcher of pottery division at an industry promotion center of Ishikawa and, as a successful potter, he built the Seika Kiln in the Yamashiro hot spring area 1890. In 1915 Suda introduced Rosanjin to the art of pottery. Until his death at age 65, Suda was a versatile master of tea with a wide range of interests.

Rosanjin’s footsteps at the cottage(Iroha Soan):summer 1915 -spring 1916